Netizens #GFF19


A powerful documentary on being female on the internet, revenge “porn”, stalking and all forms of cyber harassment directed at women, and the inspiring women who are fighting back. it’s very much focused on three women in the states, but the experience is sadly global. Much respect due to the women involved. I think I said WOMEN a few too many times there.


Border #GFF19



Tina is a Neanderthal-browed strange looking woman who works as a border guard on ferries. She can smell the emotions of the passengers, and believes she has a chromosome disorder. She is drawn to a mysterious stranger with the same facial morphology as her, and everything becomes very strange and dark indeed. Despite this, there are some true moments of joy. If I were to tell you my theories on the themes it explores I’d probably spoil it for you. The original story was written by the author of Let the Right One In, so that might give you a clue. Prepare for full on weirdness.


Aquarela #GFF19

Since Cineworld started charging extra for mere mortals to view films in their Superscreens I’ve not had the pleasure of a giant screen outside an IMAX experience, so yesterday’s screening of Aquarela was a double delight. MASSIVE sound, MASSIVE screen.


Aquarela is certainly a work of art, and for a person who adores water in all its forms, this film really is a treat.  The film is a fluid (sorry) exploration of the raw beauty and power of water in documentary form, from calving glaciers to hurricanes. Incredible and sometimes shocking scenes including arctic sailors, one of whom was present for the Q&A after the film – he never really answered why you would do that to yourself though. And there’s intermittent heavy metal soundtrack – anything else would’ve been drowned in the oceanic roaring.

I needed a toilet break and a hot chocolate after being immersed in all that water.


Where’s my wetsuit? I need to go for a swim.