Now the fuss has calmed down I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about next. There are multiple causes that are close to my heart and like any right-thinking person I am often overwhelmed by that apathy that strikes when everything in the world seems too much, too difficult and too pointless to fight. But the Amazon fiasco has made me realise that it’s not always futile to try and set the world to rights.

At the moment there are lots of things, large and small, bothering me. Such as: the government’s malicious labelling of people who claim benefits as scroungers, ATOS, the bedroom tax, violence against women all over the world, the perpetuation of rape culture, EDF’s £5million lawsuit against climate protesters, the CONDEMS in general, the dismantling of the NHS, animal rights, green issues. I could go on but I’ll probably give myself a headache.

But that’s not all that interests me. I once kept a blog on film and obscure music, so expect to see some of that too. It’s rather wearing to be fighting all the time so when I find interesting perspectives on the good stuff, and answers to some of the problems of today, I’ll write something.

So, from now on I’m going to try to blog about something close to my heart on a (roughly) weekly basis, and when the opportunity arises, we might be able to create another twitterstorm that ends up on the news.

Watch this space. And welcome.


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