Vox Lux #GFF19

My last film of the festival. Boo! Hurrah! Vox Lux follows the career of a troubled pop star, from her dramatic debut. Natalie Portman is Celeste, and her co-star Raffey Cassidy plays a younger Celeste, and later, Celeste’s daughter Albertine. A film about innocence lost, all in the search and push for an “angle”. Songs are by Sia, and the soundtrack is by Scott Walker. I’d’ve liked Celeste to go down the Scott Walker route with some meat punching, but hey, you can’t have everything.


Glasgow film festival over and out. Til next year.



Netizens #GFF19


A powerful documentary on being female on the internet, revenge “porn”, stalking and all forms of cyber harassment directed at women, and the inspiring women who are fighting back. it’s very much focused on three women in the states, but the experience is sadly global. Much respect due to the women involved. I think I said WOMEN a few too many times there.


Vision #GFF19


A free floating, meditative, stream of consciousness film set in a beautiful Japanese forest. Juliette Binoche is Jeanne, a botanist searching for a mythical herb that eases human suffering. Time is non-linear, past and present lives intermingle, and everything is beautiful. Some people might find it pretentious, but I’m a sucker for a forest setting. I love films that are more a state of mind than anything else, and this was one of those, like a beautiful dream. I want to go back to the forest of love…


Ishtar #GFF19


The final film in the Elaine May retrospective, and the nail in her directorial coffin. This film was panned, lost a whole heap of money, and has all but disappeared. However, it’s a comedy, with two fine lead actors, some terrible terrible comedy songs, and it made me laugh. Yes it’s kinda rubbish, but nowhere near as awful as you’ve been led to believe. Catch it on TV sometime, you might have a bit of a giggle.


Fugue (Fuga) #GFF19


Without giving anything away Fugue is an exploration of identity, based around a woman who is found in a “dissociative fugue” state. She has completely forgotten her previous identity, and when her family identify her, it appears that she has undergone a profound personality change. It’s dark and disturbing, and ultimately desperate. Some beautiful visual flourishes too. Loved this one.




We Are The Weirdos #GFF19


Last film of the day was a series of 9 short films by women working in the horror genre. Lots of feminist themes, creepy puppets, and one hilarious number (Hair Wolf) about “white women intent on sucking the lifeblood from black culture”. The puppets though. If you’ve going to have nightmares, it’s going to be about those puppets.


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